Stripe’s pivotal role as a partner and tool for the Airplane & Parts Industry

Stripe is a robust payments service provider that is increasingly becoming popular for buy now, pay later services. There is a wide range of restricted businesses and risk-heavy businesses that are unable to leverage the benefits of Stripe. However, the Airplanes & Parts industry, popularly called the Aircraft industry, is one that can draw in several benefits in partnership with Stripe.
Rising Shortage of Experienced Pilots
It is a matter of concern that the aviation industry is facing an ardent shortage of pilots that are experienced and trustworthy. Even before the pressing COVID-19 pandemic, the number of certified aircraft pilots has dipped in the last couple of years. The pandemic was the final nail in the coffin for the rising shortage of able pilots in the industry.
Perils of deficit Aircraft Mechanics
The HAI HELI-EXPO of 2018 indicated a steep shortage in the number of aviation mechanics in the United States. This means that even before COVID came into the picture, both pilots and mechanics were on the decline in the industry. The decline in the number of aircraft mechanics could be linked to the high cost of training, low entry-level pay, and stiff competition between different companies to retain aircraft mechanics.
As for the shortage of aircraft mechanics, the concerns are literally life-threatening at some levels. Lack of experienced aircraft mechanics on sites means possible lapses in the QA and maintenance of an aircraft. It also translates to ineffective training for newer mechanics, thus, creating room for a variety of safety lapses and issues for the aviation industry.
Final Words
It is difficult to say which of these shortages is more impactful for the aviation industry. While pilots are undoubtedly the “meat and potatoes” of the aviation industry, skilled aviation mechanics are no less than “fuel” for the perfect meal.

The role of both pilots and aircraft mechanics goes hand-in-hand for smooth and “safe” functioning. Thus, both these shortages can have looming impacts on the industry and should be resolved with vigor!


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