Gauging a Seller’s Repair or Overhaul Capabilities

Contrary to popular belief, buying repaired or overhauled air parts is actually suitable in certain cases. If the parts are fully functional, there’s no harm in making robust use of them. This is why several airlines are expanding their in-house maintenance now to facilitate prompt repairs and fixes. The main question, however, is whether or not your seller carries out the repair or overhaul process promptly.
Some reliable traits of a seller who can be trusted with thorough repair and overhauling
Parts and Planes lists a variety of products that are repaired and/or overhauled. With our years of experience, some common tells and traits of sellers that can be trusted for their capability for repair/overhaul are observed as follows:
These are some quick tells of an experienced seller who most likely understands robust repairing and overhauling. Asking questions and freely interacting with your seller at can help you understand your product’s condition as well as the capabilities of your seller better!


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