Inventory Management Best Practices for the Aircraft and Spare Parts Industry

One of the most crucial factors of running a digital storefront successfully is making sure your e-inventory is well synced with the actual one. In fact, for any kind of business, prompt inventory management is extremely essential to maintain accurate representation for your customers while also utilizing your resources to the full potential.

While there are many myths of inventory optimization, there are certain best practices that can be adopted to make sure your Aircraft and parts business can operate smoothly with robust inventory management.
  • Centralize Inventory and Data
It is best practice to keep all your inventory channeling and data as centralized as possible. With all information consolidated linking the same to the primary warehouse and maintaining accuracy becomes easier.
  • Prompt Organization, Identification and Lodging
One of the main reasons for having redundant inventory items that experienced a delayed sale is mis-labeling or identification of the item. Carrying out an overhaul for the organizational aspects of your business can help in maintaining storage, identifying the right parts when required and maintaining your stock efficiently.
  • Use a separate Inventory Control System
Many aircraft and parts sellers prefer to handle their inventory with their overall business ERP system. A separate or customized Inventory Control System within your ERP can play a significant role in accurately managing, scanning and updating specifics regarding your stock. Investing in customized inventory control features can be a game changer!
  • Track orders under process and update in real-time
Keep track of the location of your stock to ensure no ghost items are being displayed in your online inventory while items are being processed for a previous order. Including IoT trackers and real-time updates can help keep a prompt track of inventory details that are bound to change dynamically.
  • Integrate Security Features
Last but not least, the aviation industry is one where parts being sold are subject to high quality control and security standards. Integrating premium security features with your inventory management and access system is best practice to maintain your inventory as per industry standards.
With these best practices at hand, your physical warehouse and online inventory can be synchronized to the best possible accuracy. Accounting for dynamic changes, security issues, bulk orders and other aspects can help improve inventory management significantly!


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